Dr Tom Ahern is an equine veterinarian who has had direct interactions with horses, their owners, and trainers in many countries about the globe . His special interest areas are~

Dr Tom Ahern, BVSc MRCVS

Equine Veterinarian and Researcher.


Respiratory System

(breathing problems)

Neuropathic Pain

(spinal or nerve pain)

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‘I am a ‘field researcher’ who makes observations, collates information and investigates different diagnostic and treatment protocols and then attempts to assess these. In the main my work has been carried out in conjunction with those closest to the animal i.e.  trainers, riders and owners.

Most formal research is of course carried out by highly qualified persons including registered specialists ( of which I am not) who work within the confines of specific equine research facilities and teaching institutions such as universities. The results and conclusions that emanate from these facilities are usually published in scientific journals and are then regarded as ‘more acceptable’ by the scientific community. This is a protocol followed to protect the community at large from possible unqualified misrepresentations.

However this does not mean to say that information gathered in the field by less regarded members of the profession is necessarily less reliable or important. If any industry is to advance then new ideas regardless of their origins need to be both aired, explored and eventually more formally researched. Many of my own ideas and hypotheses are regarded as being quite controversial. However ultimately the more avenues we explore the greater the chance of reaching the truth.’

~ Dr Tom Ahern 2009


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