For some 25 years Dr Ahern has been developing his throat procedure for pharyngeal dysfunction's know more commonly as horses that choke down, breath hold, are thick winded , ‘hit the wall’ or ‘stop’ or fail to finish on in their races. There are a number of technical terms for these dysfunctions. i.e.  Palatal Instability (PI), Dorsal Displacement of The Soft Palate (DDSP), Dynamic Pharyngeal Collapse (DPC).

The surgery which has the technical names of Oral Palatopharyngoplasty (OPP) or Tension Palatoplasty (TPP) had also been referred to simply as an ‘Ahern Procedure’.

Over the years inherent problems with the procedure had been investigated and corrected which has in the last 12 months (2008-9)  culminated in what is now being referred to as the Advanced Ahern Procedure. Early indications are that the reliability of both clinical and performance improvement has improved significantly.

This procedure can be used in conjunction with other procedures such as laryngeal prosthesis (Tieback) and epiglottic entrapment surgeries. Dr Ahern routinely performs combinations of these surgeries in an attempt to improve both clinical and performance results.

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